Hometown: Castanea

County: Montgomery

Date of Birth: Oct. 1, 1941

Date of Casualty:

Branch: Navy

Rank: PO3

Country of Service: USA

Status: Living


Kenneth R. Poorman joined the US Navy in Philadelphia, PA in 1960.  He graduated boot camp at San Diego NTC. He served at Naval Bases in Washington, DC and Norfolk, VA.  He also served on several aircraft carriers: USS FORRESTAL, USS KITTY HAWK, USS FD ROOSEVELT, and USS SHANGRI-LA.  He received several awards, including the Armed Forces Expeditionery Medal.  Ken participated in the Cuban Missile Crisis and Project Mercury.  Ken served on two Flag Command staffs, Commander Carrier Division Four (COMCARDIV 4), and Commander-In-Chief Atlantic Fleet (CINCLANTFLT).  He served in 17 countries during his one enlistment. ⚓️🇺🇸

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