Joseph (Mike) Neibert - E-6

Hometown: Cheltenham PA

County: Montgomery

Date of Birth: Jan. 13, 1949

Date of Casualty:

Branch: Navy

Rank: E-6

Country of Service: USA / Republic of the Philippines / Republic of South Vietnam

Status: Living


Cheltenham PA, resident enlisted at age 17 in October 1966. Great Lakes boot camp, Schools in San Diego CA, Treasure Island CA, Mare Island CA, Coronado Island CA, Warner Springs CA and USMC Camp Pendleton CA. Stationed in Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines as a specialist in crypto and multiplexers. Served TDY on many ships in the 7th Fleet off and in Vietnam. After additional US based training at Camp Pendleton CA, returned to the RVN and served boots on the ground for extended tours in all four combat zones as a security specialist and US Naval Advisor 1969-70-71. Served my final seventh year of service at US Naval Air Station, Willow Grove PA where I received my Honorable Discharge and continued on with a blessed and wonderful, life, wife, and family. 

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