Tim Broderick - Chief Petty Officer

Hometown: Andalusia

County: Bucks

Date of Birth: Sept. 6, 1965

Date of Casualty:

Branch: Navy

Rank: Chief Petty Officer

Country of Service: United States

Status: Living


I joined the Navy in 1984 shortly after high school. I grew up in Andalusia (area between northeast Philadelphia and Croydon, in lower Bucks County, PA), went to boot camp in Orlando, Florida and was then stationed in San Diego and Coronado for most of my 21 years. I retired in 2005 and moved to East Tennessee where I live now.

The beach photo is of AAVs (amphibious marine troop carriers) in Iwo Jima. Tim was involved in a joint training exercise with the Japanese Special Operations Command on Iwo Jima over 2 weeks. 


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